Adwords Advertising Agency in Delhi

adwords advertising agency in delhi

If you are looking for Adwords Advertising Agency, then I guess you must be aware about what is adwords and how can google adwords and PPC used to generate more business for your company.

If not please read about adwords here.

Else continue to the next section about Adwords Advertising Agency in Delhi.

Which is the best Adwords Advertising Agency in Delhi ?

There are hundreds of agency operating from Delhi, India and are providing their Adwords Services to the clients. You can find their names in Google Partner Page, as well as some companies directly do not do google partner, but they use their individual names to get registered as google partner.

But that does not makes an agency very good. Google partner is all about few questions in some hours, one can mug it up and answer questions. It is all about using tools.

Main thing that impacts is, how knowledgeable your Adword Manager is .

I was going through an adwords account of an adwords manager.  He was only using 10 keywords per campaign. And above all he was defying all rules of adwords. Kaboooom…

And above all that there were huge number of leads pouring in.

Then there was a second account which I was assessing. They followed each and every rule of Google Adwords, but those poor guys were not getting 10% of result which first guy was getting.


Now, how did that happened ?

First guy had 15 years of experience not only in field of adwords but, in that trade too. He knew what keywords will work on what time during what period. And he was not following rules of adwords too.

Now it’s very confusing, how and which Adwords Advertising Agency is good for my business, how do i select one, so i get profitable business out from them.


So how do I finalize an Adwords Advertising Agency ?

  1. Don’t get into fuzzy presentations of agencies,.
  2. See whether they have worked before in the same domain in which you are in or not.
  3. Make sure they have in house development and design team.
  4. Ask for display ads sample, search advertising sample.
  5. If an agency says, you give us keywords, we will create campaign for you in adwords, if leads comes or doesn’t comes, that will be not our tension – Single word for these kind of agency:
  7. If agency is willing to learn about your trade, if they are asking for trial / testing period budget. Go ahead and work with them. As they are going to research about what is going to work and what is not for your business. And in some time they may succeed.


A Good Adwords Agency or a Best Adwords Agency is one, which can test start your campaign, Recommend a monthly budget and predict leads. Leads in terms of form fill up, awareness, reach etc.



Don’t try to do it by yourself.

Don’t get into comfort zone about Google Adwords providing you an account manager. You won’t believe our experience with these people had been worse. They are very good in using tools called Google Adwords, but they are not good marketers.


Maybe We Can Help you

Ask us, whether an agency you are using is worth working for you or not. We will recommend you whether you have chosen a great agency or you got trapped in some non productive agency.



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