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SEO – Search Engine Optimization one of the critical part of Internet marketing service types, has always been an unseen hero of your business life cycle. By hiding behind this technology Google, Bing and other search engines have become world richest and leading companies.

You need to understand about this.

Search Engine works on Demand & Supply Theory. When a user types anything in Google or any other search engine. We say Demand is created.

Results that come up in your SERP are what is SUPPLIED by search engines.

You can also try this at your end.


Type “Travel Tour Packages” in google, one of the most searched keywords in google.

This is demand – writing travel tour packages in search bar

Keyword For Google SERP


After you hit enter result page shows up.

Google SERP Result

This is result that google serves you.

Now I am sure you must have understood this theory of demand and supply.

Coming back to Search Engine Companies techniques. First 4 results they have kept for those companies which actively participate in paid advertising, PPC, Google AdWords, Bing AdWords. Read about Paid Advertising

After that they display those websites, whose SEO is good.

organic result section of google SERP


Point to be noted: SEO Quality and Ranking is also defined and given by these companies only.

That’s why these companies have been controlling SEO by releasing their algorithm every month, year. For eg. If we speak about google, these are their All SEO Updates for websites.

  1. Google Hummingbird
  2. Google Mobile Friendly Update
  3. Google Panda Update
  4. Google Penguin Update
  5. Google Pigeon Update
  6. Google Payday Update
  7. Google Pirate Update
  8. Google EMD (Exact Match Domain) Update
  9. Google Top Heavy Update

You can learn about these updates In google official websites.

It’s not that these companies are doing some mischievous act.  In a way they are doing great job, using technologies that they created, so all credit goes to them.

Now since you have knowledge about demand and supply and how SEO is useful to get into SERP. Note.

People only tend to click first 10 links, they don’t even bother going through 2nd page.

So moral of story, you have to be there in first page. There are various advantages of being on first position of first page of Google and other Search Engines. Read more about advantage of first page rank in google in our next section.

You may say, I can use Google AdWords / PPC to remain on first page. That’s good technique, but for how long, they will be expensive for you one day.

So a Good Internet Marketing Company creates a plan about usage of AdWords and SEO together. Read more about Best Internet Marketing Agencies In Delhi , Top SEO Company in Delhi

If you want to know more about. Using google AdWords or paid advertising and SEO together, you can write to us at info at  or contact us


What is SEO – Search Engine Optimization?

You must be able to define SEO Search Engine Optimization now. If you are not then you can read more about it googling it and doing some research if you are a student. If you are business owner or a marketer you just need to understand that “you can only sell, when you are visible”. SEO makes that possible.


How many Types of SEO – Search Engine Optimization are there?

There are basically two types of SEO.

  1. On page SEO
  2. Off Page SEO
  3. Link Building
  4. Content Writing

( if you are a student and want to know more about this, click here. For business owners and marketers, you just need to know about it. There are professionals who should be used to do these activities. Let us focus on how we can start SEO )


Why do you need SEO?

This is also explained earlier. If you want to sell your product, generate more revenue, your website has to be visible if first 10 results of first page.


3 Things to remember before starting SEO for your website, Or before even hiring SEO Experts or SEO Company for your website.

‘Strength of Competition’, ‘Quality of website’ and ‘Commercial Intent of the website’.

  1. Strength of Competition, evaluates the strengths and weaknesses of competitors. It is crucial for determination of correct keywords. Correct analysis will give you the starting point for your strategies and will determine the budget you should keep aside for highly competitive keywords (if at all you should).
  2. Quality of your website, is similar to a vetting process wherein your website, its present landing page, etc. is evaluated and analysed by SEO experts.
  3. Commercial Intent of your website, is the level of commercial activities you want to do on your website. It is most important point to consider when deciding on keywords.


Now after finding out these 3 things. Next thing you should focus on SEO Content Development and Marketing.


SEO Content Development is also an art, not all content writers or individuals with good English writing ability have it. So you will need a professional with following attributes

  1. Good English ( you can see many website with good ranks with pathetic content writing skills, they have manipulated/ understood google SEO software and have created content accordingly. All these things are going to vanish in coming future. Digital Personality Prediction 2017 )
  2. One who can create Content with Good Keyword Density.
  3. One who understand your market and business.
  4. One who understand who your target audience.
  5. One who have the understanding of SEO content writing.
  6. One who can write unique content. Google also have said about uniqueness of content that should appear in your website.


12 Things you must know about Internet Marketing Services Types

  1. SEO Services
  2. Pay Per Click
  3. Social Media Optimization
  4. Mobile Marketing
  5. Press Release
  6. Video Marketing
  7. Email Marketing
  8. Digital Marketing Consultation
  9. Online Reputation Management
  10. Web Analytics
  11. Conversion Optimization and Lead Generation
  12. Content Writing


Questions that many people ask.

  1. What is best SEO Company in India
  2. What are Search Engine Optimization Services In India
  3. What are Best Internet Marketing Service Provider In Delhi, India.


Not all companies who are in Delhi are considered as best or #1. Let us help you decide a good SEO agency for your business. As you may get fascinated by flashy presentation of companies which they create to attract customers.


But these companies can not hide from us anything.


So if you have hired any agency, and want to know how great that company is for your business. Take help from us.


What Should you ask with your SEO agency, SEO Service at glance

  • Technical Audits and analysis for your website with Panda and Penguin proofing
  • SEO Campaign Setup with detailed keyword analysis and back links check
  • On-Page Optimization and Schema Mark up implementation towards a competitive approach
  • Grab your Local Audience via Google plus Listings, local search optimization that includes Geo Targeting techniques
  • Get most out of Social Media with intense Optimization & PR techniques
  • Track your Prospects and Customers through our high-end segmented Analysis for more effective Campaign tuning
  • Website Usability & Conversion rate Optimization to convert your traffic into Leads
  • Content Marketing for increased conversion rate of Traffic into Leads
  • Monthly Reports to keep you updated on your Campaign’s Success we provide best in class KPI’s Report which matter a lot


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